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Hormone (formally DIM) Advantage 60caps

Hormone (formally DIM) Advantage 60caps


Hormonal balance is important for overall health and wellness because it effects mood, supports healthy hormone ratios, and promotes estrogen metabolism.* DIM Advantage will support the body’s processes for metabolizing and detoxifying excess estrogen.*


This new formula combines three nutrients: diindolylmethane (DIM), pomegranate extract, and sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS). DIM promotes healthy estrogen ratios and metabolism, pomegranate extract helps reduce excess estrogen production, and SGS supports liver detoxification, which is crucial to clearing already-metabolized estrogen.*

Benefits for Women:

When hormone levels are out of balance it can lead to decreased sex drive, weight gain, and bloating. Thorne’s DIM Advantage will promote an optimal balance of hormone levels in the body, including the hormones related to premenstrual symptoms.* The active ingredients promote and support breast, cervical, and uterine health.*

Benefits for Men:

Reducing an excess level of estrogen promotes physical fitness and healthy weight, supports energy production, balances testosterone levels, and helps maintain a healthy prostate gland.* Men with an excess level of estrogen can develop enlarged breast tissue or experience less than ideal erectile function.

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