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Enada Nutraceuticals

Enada 5X 30Tabs

Enada 5X 30Tabs

Enada is the original and patented food grade NADH‚ formulated to provide support for energy production as well as mental alertness and clarity.*

Enada is an enteric coated 5 mg tablet of NADH (also known as Co-E1 NADH). It is most effective when taken on an empty stomach; that is‚ first thing in the morning or at least an hour before eating or two hours after.

NADH is the bio-available‚ antioxidant form of Vitamin B-3. NADH is essential to the production of ATP (cellular energy). NADH is also involved in basic metabolism‚ the breakdown of glucose and fats‚ and supplies energy to the brain‚ nerves‚ muscles‚ heart‚ and all other organs.*

Benefits of Enada NADH:

• Supports cellular energy and cell regeneration*
• Supports mental clarity*
• Supports DNA synthesis*
• Supports immune system*
• A potent antioxidant
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