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Mother Earth Labs

Humic & Fulvic Super Concentrated 4oz

Humic & Fulvic Super Concentrated 4oz

Super-concentrated humic & fulvic acid to support nutrient absorption, gut health, and detox using Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™

Humic & Fulvic SC promotes a healthy, balanced gut microbiome while supporting every cell in the body. Our Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™ system delivers the nutrition that your cells need, while naturally & efficiently detoxing what they don’t.

Humic's high molecular weight keeps it in the gut longer, where it can support healthy gut wall junctions. Meanwhile, the smaller, highly-energized Fulvic molecules are quickly absorbed, delivering nutrients to cells throughout the body.

  • Promotes healthy GI bacterial balance
  • Supports cellular nutrient absorption to kickstart vital metabolic processes
  • Supports cellular detoxification, safely removing heavy metals from cells
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support, reducing cellular aging
  • Detoxes chemicals that cause leaky gut, while supporting the gut wall
  • Sourced & made in the USA in small batches
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