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ImmunoMed 3-6 60Vcaps

ImmunoMed 3-6 60Vcaps

ImmunoMed 3-6 is a pure, high potency beta glucan, a gluco polysaccharide derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker’s yeast) and known as beta 1,3/1,6 glucan.* It has been shown to be a powerful immune modulator in numerous clinical trials.* In the body, it is ingested primarily through macrophage and dendritic immune cells.* It binds with specific receptors (CR3) on neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in the body, and activates anti-microbial activity by migration of immune cells to the site of a foreign challenge (chemotaxis) and increases elimination of foreign challenges (phagocytosis and oxidative burst).*

ImmunoMed 3-6 is refined by a proprietary method consisting of yeast fermentation, hydrolysis of yeast walls and centrifuge collection to remove impurities.*

Key Benefits:

● Powerful Immune System Support*

● Supports Phagocytosis and Selective Cytokine Release*

● Refined by a Proprietary Method of Hydrolysis and

Centrifuge Collection to Remove Impurities*

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