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ImmuWell™ 90 caps

ImmuWell™ 90 caps

Designed to bridge nervous and immune system connections, ImmuWell is a potent seven ingredient blend that works in two ways: 1) Elderberry, beta glucan, Ginkgo, vitamin D, and zinc encourage a healthy response to a variety of immune challenges; 2) Ginkgo, tyrosine, and vitamin C promote nervous system health, including memory processes and norepinephrine production.*

ImmuWell is formulated for patients with overall immune health goals, specific needs related to respiratory health, daytime exhaustion, low mood, and/or issues with working memory and memory consolidation.*

Nervous system concerns like fatigue, poor mood, and brain fog often present during immune challenges.* Common during long term immune activation, these same concerns may linger despite resolving an immune challenge, potentially due to nervous system imbalances in neurotransmitters like norepinephrine.* ImmuWell seeks to bridge these connections with a targeted neuro-immune supporting blend.*

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