Mikuna Cacao Chocho Protein Powder 1.52oz

Mikuna Cacao Chocho Protein Powder 1.52oz

What is Chocho?

Chocho (pronounced ‘cho-cho’) is an ancient lupin that’s been cultivated by Indigenous farmers for thousands of years. Found only in the Andes Mountains at an elevation of 11,000-14,000 feet. Chocho is extremely nutrient-dense and packed with protein, fiber, iron, and calcium.
Chocho creates a cycle of regeneration. It thrives on rain water alone, nourishes the body, and pulls nitrogen deep into the soil as it grows, making the soil healthier and more fertile for future crops.

What Does Chocho Taste Like?

Mild and nutty, chocho's neutral flavor is similar to that of a sunflower seed. This makes it perfect for blending with other ingredients because it will enhance rather than dominate other flavors.

In addition to our Pure Chocho flavor, we also offer both Cacao and Vanilla flavors, each with only five ingredients total, and Chocho of course being the sole source of protein. Unlike many of the powders on the market, MIKUNA is not too strong or overly sweet, again making it ideal for mixing with other ingredients.

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