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Skin-Lasting Vitamin C with Glutathione

Skin-Lasting Vitamin C with Glutathione

Use 1-2x per day. 

Keep in refrigerator between uses.  

This combination of Vitamin C and Glutathione is good for your skin. You need adequate amounts of Vitamin C to produce collagen and elastin to keep the skin strong, smooth, and hydrated. We use the best form of Vitamin C in this serum and added glutathione for even better results. Vitamin C helps create a protective skin barrier to minimize the damage from the sun, toxins, and even blue light. Glutathione helps to both repair and protect making it one the best antioxidants you can apply to the skin. The problem with most glutathione is that it isn’t stable in skin care products. But we have an exclusive partnership with the only manufacturer that produces a stable glutathione.

With regular, daily use, you can increase the SPF level in your skin protecting you from sun exposure and DNA damage. Over time our Enhanced Vitamin C can also fade dark spots and discolorations.


Actinic keratosis is characterized by rough, scaly, patch of skin that often results from years of sun exposure. It can be found on the face, scalp, neck and back of the hands. If left untreated there is a risk of developing skin cancer.

Our Enhanced Vitamin C with Glutathione can help treat Actinic keratosis. Apply directly to the area 1-2 per day. This combination of Vitamin C and Glutathione can help reduce swelling, irritation and provide relief.

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