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Synapsin LPT Tablets 30tabs

Synapsin LPT Tablets 30tabs

Benefits of Synapsin LPT

  • Chewable form with enhanced absorption
  • Supports healthy brain inflammatory pathways
  • Supports healthy brain microglia
  • Supports vascular health
  • Supports the body‚natural antioxidant systems
  • Supports neuroprotective mechanisms

Why Synapsin LPT?

  • Patent pending
  • Improve absorption
  • Rg3 LPT is a highly advanced technology in a convenient, solid, chewable dosage form.
  • LPT particles don’t clump like liquid liposomes
  • Greater Bioavailability
  • Room temperature stable- no refrigeration necessary
  • The smaller the particle size, the greater bioavailability

Suggested dosage- Take one half tablet (7.5mg) one to two times daily. 30 tablets in each bottle  

Take one tablet every other day in the morning.

For sensitive patients: Take half a tablet every other day in the morning, working up to a whole tablet every other day.

For children: please call the pharmacy to discuss the specific dosing with Ray, Sheneil, or Alex.

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