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Ultra Pure Liver Concentrate

Ultra Pure Liver Concentrate

UltraPure Live Concentrate helps to decrease hepatic oxidative stress and to improve hepatic function. Contains freeze-dried New Zealand bovine liver tissue which unlike desiccated liver, does NOT destroy sensitive protein bonds. Ultra Pure Liver Concentrate contains high levels of antioxidant SOD (serum oxide dismutase) and catalase enzymes, important in hepatic repair. Ultrapure Liver concentrate supports iron and ferritin levels to support maintaining hemoglobin in metabolically stressed states such as anemias and iron storage issues due to drug therapy or malabsorption syndromes. When taken pre-workout. Use 1 scoopful (2gm) daily to TID. Ultra Pure Liver concentrate also contains a high amount if Cinnamon powder, which also helps support the glycemic index. Supports TRIAD 4.

Bottle Size: 6.8oz

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