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Vinco Progesterone Liposomal Transdermal Spray

Vinco Progesterone Liposomal Transdermal Spray

Liposomal Transdermal Progesterone Spray contains micronized progesterone (from yams) which offers support for hormone balance. Progesterone is a hormone that performs a number of functions in the body, including working to regulate the menstrual cycle and playing a role in sexual desire. During the aging process, many women may need extra progesterone to support hormone balance, so adding progesterone as part of a daily health routine may make a difference to overall health.

The main ingredient in this spray is wild yam, or Dioscorea villosa. Wild yam contains a phytoestrogen (plant-based estrogen) called diosgenin that works to support hormone balance and offer temporary relief from occasional minor symptoms associated with women's life transition. Vinco’s formula contains 5% of USP micronized progesterone, and is free of artificial colors and fragrances. The spray formula makes application easy.


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