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Zinc Glycinate 120 caps

Zinc Glycinate 120 caps

Immune System Support Formula*

Zinc Glycinate features the fully reacted TRAACS zinc bisglycinate chelate by Balchem Corporation. Zinc is essential for the development and proper functioning of the reproductive organs, including healthy prostate function, and has been shown to support healthy immune system function.* Zinc also supports enzyme activity associated with tissue synthesis, energy metabolism, and bone mineralization.* Zinc Glycinate is readily bioavailable and easily absorbed as an intact chelate.* It is superior to other forms of zinc because it does not get ionized in the gut before it is absorbed.* Instead, it appears to be metabolized in the body right at the target tissue.* Deficiencies in zinc can lead to an impaired immune system, decreased glucose metabolism, hormonal imbalance and slower wound healing.*

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